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Learn to paraglide with licensed courses from WA Paragliding

The West Australian Paragliding Academy is one of the oldest paragliding schools in Australia. Jiri has been teaching pilots here for over 25 years.

WA Paragliding Academy is still the only paragliding school in Western Australia.

In order to fly a Paraglider legally and safely anywhere in the world - you have to have a licence.

The West Australian Paragliding Academy conducts licensed courses from November to May in Albany, and in Geraldton in August. Paramotoring courses can done all year round depending on the demand.

Jiri is a fully certified instructor and together with Sylvie, they are running one of Australia's most established paragliding schools.

Since 1988, many students have learnt the joy of paragliding with us.

The WA Paragliding Academy offers fantastic quality courses with the latest equipment, in some of the best Paragliding sites in Australia. Jiri has taught many pilots over the last 20 years and has really enjoyed watching them improving their skills over that time.

Learning to paraglide with us is not just about a 9 day course but it is about extending and improving your skills with us for years to come. Jiri is always welcoming his ex-students to come to fly with him at the different trips we do or simply here in Albany.

Restricted Paraglider Course;

It takes a minimum of 9 days to complete all the requirements for you to become a Novice/Restricted paraglider Pilot. In the end you'll get your Pilot Licence.
Course cost: $2500 - which includes all equipment and insurance during the course.

Towing Endorsement;

Very popular way of flying cross-country in WA. A must for anybody who lives in a flat area. This is a 2 day course.
Course cost: $500.

Motorised Paragliding Endorsement;

Paramotoring courses are available all year around for people who hold a paragliding licence.

Course costs: $500 per day, it can take one or 2 days depending on the abilities of the pilot. This is done in Albany and does not including equipment. This course can  have 1 to maximum 2 pilots per course.

Skill Improvement;

For pilots who want to improve quickly and move up to a different level (thermalling, ridge soaring, top landing, recovery techniques and B-line stall).
Course costs: $200 per person per day of practical tuition, on your own equipment

Paragliding Refresher Course;

For those pilots who haven't flown for a while and need to get back into the sky safely and get get their recertification by the HGFA.
Course cost: $500 for 2 days in Albany.


Paragliding check Flight : $50


Intermediate/Advance theory session and test:  $100 per person for the session, minimum 2, max 4 students. 


Tandem Instructional  Flight :

WA Paragliding offers a 30 minutes tandem flight with an experienced professional.

Gift vouchers are available for that great surprise gift.

Flight Costs: $220 per person per flight, or purchase 2 for $400.
Additional photographs of your flight: $30 for 25 photos.


Please contact Jiri or Sylvie:

Mobile: 0417 776 550